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Season One, Directors Corner | Stalker Chronicles

Brendan McNamara, DirectorBrendan McNamara

“Waiting for Ryan Braun,”
Stalker Chronicles Chapter One

Brendan McNamara is happy at play in the fields of the Lord. He is greatly enjoying his pilgrimage in this flesh, through trial and blessings alike. He especially enjoys the making of the movies and the creation of the silly and the storied and the strange. You can join him in such endeavors in places like…



Amen. Selah.

Q&A with Brendan McNamara

*What attracted you to working on The Stalker Chronicles and the concept of this series?

First and foremost, the talents of Jamie Moniz & Genie Willett. Secondly, the friendship and warmth and coolness of Jamie Moniz & Genie Willett. Thirdly, the eminently crush-worthiness of both Jamie Moniz & Genie Willett. Have you ever tried, heterosexual men of the world, to refuse two beautiful women with buckets of talent and a great idea? NO? Exactly.

*Were you already a fan of Samuel Beckett and Absurdism?  If so, what are your favorite plays/inspiration/films of this genre and why?  If not, are you now and why?

Indeed, I was/am. In fact, I might always be a fan of crotchety, strange Irish men who gallivanted around France, speaking French, eating French bread and generally enjoying the sheer Frenchness of the world. Samuel Beckett really came alive for me in college when I performed in scenes from Waiting for Godot & Endgame. Beckett, more than any other funny playwright, taught me to, sometimes, do nothing. Give nothing more to the words than what the words demand. Be your character. Say the damn words. It shall be hilarious. Make things hard. Don’t burn your steps. Wail against the dying of the light all you want. You shall lose. But it shall amuse, if all goes well. And Mr. Samuel Beckett and I almost share a birthday (off by two days), which I’ve always thought is kinda cool. And he used to drive Andre the Giant to school sometimes. Bad. Ass.

*Tell us a little about your process as a director.

Process? Um. Read the script. Probably more than once. Maybe act it out by myself. Bring a camera. Bring tapes. Bring means of recording audio. Tell the actors to do what they want. Then make them do it again. And probably again. Roll on that stuff. It’s Beckett so, for me, this in particular, was about getting the words out. Getting them in rhythm. So then you could break the rhythm and make for some ha-ha. Or some “Awwww.” Or “Ick.” And then get people to take it seriously and let the silly exist in how seriously we finite little beings take ourselves.
*What are your future plans/projects?  Do you want to direct again?

Future projects! I do indeed desire to – and shall – direct some more. Am just now today stepping into the edit room on a feature film/collaborative effort with Matthew F Smith, Paul Newman & Ross Steeves called “Lucent L’Amour the Movie.” Have many more satirical The News Shows to write, shoot and post. Have many more Aarti Paarti cooking shows to shoot and direct. Have so many dag-um sketch ideas bouncing around my head and many adjacent note pads that need the making. Shall shortly figure out how to make my/our monthly improv/variety/etc. show The Jive Joint into a monthly online comedy show of great success. I hope to direct another Stalker Chronicle. Oh man, what else? Whatever Yahweh wills… which is hopefully a lot:)

*Would you give us a two to three sentence story in the style of Samuel Beckett?


Okay. I’ll lend you one for a while. But if I need it back, don’t call me an “Indian Giver.” Cause that’s racist.

A rabbit left his warren. He found it far too stuffy. Way too fragrant of smells forgotten. So he hopped to the top of the most well-lighted hill he could hop to. There he could smell the wind. There he could feel the expanse expanding. The buckshot from the hunters blunderbluss took a piece of his ear off and scarred his little nose. He scampered back to the safety of his rejected home. But he could not find it again.

* ********************************

Randy Kent, DirectorRandy Kent

“Wilted Daisies,”
Stalker Chronicles Chapter Two

Award winning filmmaker Randy Kent has been making movies and commercials for over a decade now. Currently he is in post-production on indie film, LIFE OF LEMON and in pre-production on the horror anthology THE PERFECT HOUSE.



Q&A with Randy Kent

*What attracted you to working on The Stalker Chronicles and the concept of this series?
The sheer oddity and quirkiness of the series (which I like) is what drew me to what they were doing. But it was really the talents of the two creators that made me want to do it.

*Were you already a fan of Tennessee Williams and Southern melodrama?  If so, what are your favorite plays/inspiration/films of this genre and why?  If not, are you now and why?
Many years ago when I was acting in theater, I was in a parody of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” where I played the “Brick” character (somewhat). And in doing the research of the language and the time period for it, I grew to love his characters. Plus being from the south also helped me to relate because most of his characters reminded me of some of my older family members.

*Tell us a little about your process as a director.
Planning. Knowing as much as I can about the location(s) and the limitations within the budget I’m working with. I like to do a lot of takes with plenty of coverage and inserts because the editor side of me feels safer knowing there is enough material to work with. I also like to let the actors do their thing and try not to hamper what they’ve rehearsed and worked out, especially if they are doing something they wrote (which I’ve been doing a lot of recently).

*What are your future plans/projects?  Do you want to direct again?
Absolutely. There are many things I am working on that are either in the development stage or in some kind of production phase. Chief things being – working with post-production on a feature film I did last year and prepping for a horror film that shoots in May in Buffalo. Ongoing projects include directing episodes of 2 different web series and a monthly gig directing a television talk show.

*What is your favorite flower?
Lilies. Something about the name I’ve always liked. When my wife and I have a baby and if it’s a girl we plan on naming her Lily.

* ********************************

Todd Stashwick, Director

“The Spectacle,”
Stalker Chronicles Chapter ThreeTodd Stashwick

Todd Stashwick : A Chicago native and an alumus of the Second City. In NYC he co-founded the critically acclaimed, spontaneous theater troupe Burn Manhattan and a frequent performer on Late Night with Conan O’Brien In Los Angeles he opened the improv training school The Hothouse as well as co-creating the macabre improvised cabaret The Doubtful Guests. He continues to teach and perform at festivals and abroad. He can be seen in the films Along Came Polly, You Me and Dupree and Surfer Dude. On Television he can be seen in the FX series The Riches and currently on Heroes on NBC.

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