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About | Stalker Chronicles


Yin LadiesJamie Lou Moniz and Genie Willett are natives to the Hothouse Improv Theater in North Hollywood. The two first noticed Ryan Braun on a fortuitous winter’s day when they happened upon his web video, “The Ryan Braun Song.” They immediately became fans and soon were able to collect information and personal belongings of his, such as old glasses, worn t-shirts and fingernail clippings. Once the stalking commenced, they began using covert names to disguise their identity. Since they both seem to be the yin to Ryan’s yang, they called themselves the Yin Ladies, or Yin Yin, or Yinny…

The goal of this web series is to bring theater and cinema to the online generation. Each episode is written in a different theater style or film genre. In one year, Jamie and Genie will have written, produced and shot 9 episodes of this web series. The styles are inspired by the masters in the following genres:

  • Theatre of the Absurd in the style of Samuel Beckett
  • Southern drama featuring a mad heroine, inspired by Tennessee Williams
  • George Melies & Robert Wiene, highlighted in our old world carnivale episode
  • Beatnik, inspired by Jack Kerouac & William S. Burroughs
  • Comedy in the style of Neil Simon
  • Surreal Cinema in the style of Federico Fellini & David Lynch
  • Dark Drama inspired by Sam Shepard
  • Silent Film inspired by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and the Marx Brothers
  • Greek Tragedy in the style of Sophocles

For more information on Jamie Lou Moniz, visit her website: www.jamieloumoniz.com
For more information on Genie Willett, visit her website: www.geniewillett.com


Our Obsession:  Ryan Braun

the handsomest man in the world

Ryan Braun is a Los Angeles based actor who first realized he was being stalked when he was approached (sans appointment) to play the role of himself in The Stalker Chronicles.  He has not looked back since, and only partially out of fear.  Throughout his adolescence, Ryan had always imagined a day when two pretty girls would be stalking him, but he never actually believed it could happen.  Now he knows this: Sometimes, dreams do come true.

Ryan performs at/with the Hothouse/Cacklepops too, which is where he met the exceedingly talented Genie and Jamie…who created this show.  He is (to his knowledge) a first time stalk-ee, and is honored to be the subject of their faux-infatuation. In his spare time, Ryan has a long-standing promise to do Yoga with Genie, which he ultimately plans to validate.

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